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I grade this as level 1 ice-cream. Easy to eat.

Level 2: A bit harder than the first one as you need to make sure the ice-cream wont flow to your hands.

Level 3: It is stack up. So its even harder to make sure that your ice-cream wont fall onto the ground.
Level 4: Those Ice-cream that has choco top or watever top on the ice-cream. haha! You need to make sure that you eat it in a clean way.
Level 5: I leave this to your imagination. Haha!!
Well, take this as just a fun one. I thought of it that day when my cousin wanted an ice-cream. FOr kids, its advisable to buy for them the level 1 ice-cream as they wouldnt eat till dirty the whole place. haha!

I think its quite fun to grade things. So i decided to grade ice-cream.