Biomedical Science

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Roughly the subjects study in biomedical science..

Foundational Anatomy: Intermediate Course I
ntroductory Human Physiology
Introductory Biochemistry I
Essential Medical Microbiology
Basic Laboratory Techniques and Procedures I
Medical Laboratory Techniques II - Analytical Biochemistry
Introductory Biochemistry II
Cell Biology and Introductory Genetics
Introductory Course in Biostatistics
Basic Parasitology
Basic Laboratory Techniques and Procedures II
Laboratory Mathematics and Statistics
Medical Laboratory Techniques I - Histological Techniques
Principles of Epidemiology and Research Design
Cellular and Molecular Genetics
Basic Course in General Pathology
Introductory Course in Immunology
Principles of General Pharmacology and Toxicology
Nuclear MedicineTechnology: Basic Course
Principles and Practice of Management
Advanced Course in Practical Anatomic Pathology
Advanced Course in Practical Haematology and Transfusion Technology
Advanced Medical Microbiology II

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