BUkit MErah

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The morning view in BUkit Merah.

The chelet in Bukit Merah.

The blue bird. haha! LOVE THIS SHOT


I went to bukit merah today with my group of friends. haha! We reached BUkit Merah at around 9am. Suddenly, some of them seems panic. I was wondering what has happen. Oh dear, the fuel left only one column. We were all joking that we are prepared to give the car a push and appear in TV at 9.30pm today. haha!!

We bought the water Eco combo that costs us rm34 person each. We are going to Ecopark, waterpark and chairlift. We wonder around the place first since its still early.

We went to the chairlift first to have a brief view of BUkit Merah. Then, we went to Ecopark to see all sorts of animals and enjoy the Animal Show. ahaha!

LAter, we proceed to Waterpark. We have quite a lot of activities there. We went for tube boat, boomerang, and others. (cant really rmb the name) Enjoyed most of it. BOomerang!!! Thats the one that needs lots of courage to play. Sitting alone, I moved down from roughly 2 or 3 storey high. GOSH!! HEART REALLY JUMP OUT. haha! I really don't know how to describe my feeling. BUT IT WAS FUN. WE went for second round. ahaha!!!

At around 4.15pm, we washed up ourselves and prepare to leave. We reached Penang at around 6pm. Was really a tiring trip. HAHA!!

Would like to take the oppurtunity to acknowlegde the driver. HAHA! DID A GREAT JOB. WE SAFEly arrive in PENANg!! hahahaa!!!! Thanks again friends for giving me a nice trip!


vynnci said...

boomerang??? d 1 like "swing" de??
wooo... reli vr scary... yet.. vr excitin... thts y we went for the 2nd round.. haha... it was jz like yr SOUL has LEFT yr BODY for the first slide down... ohmy...cnt shout out loud even we've open up our mouth.. i can stil rmb d "tears flyin off" feelin till now... gosh... but thn...i thk most of us enjoy tht... wakakaz.. coz we r sk gangz!!! yeah...!!!

sy said...

hahaaha!! yeah de up down thingie.. scary man!!! i was wonderin how come i got de courage to do dat.. hahaa!