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Date 23 March 09

TOday is the last day that you decide your future life and your future path. Check up all your choices. Make last check. Then, leave the rest to GOD. PRAY HARD. Hopefully it will help at least a few percent of it. haha! Going to the Education Fair make me unsure about my choices. I had decided some of it. But i decided i will just leave it like that since i have made my choices.

UMS seems like a very beautiful campus. haha! I think it will be quite enjoyable staying in campus. I met some of my friends there too. And not to forget, my school teachers too. I left USM at 2.10pm. I waited for my mom for around 1 hour there. STanding like a gong lang there alone. SOB SOB! Haha! But my mom is quite busy with her stuff. Thanks god my mom reach one hour later and not 2 hours. haha! by then, I think she will have to visit me in the hospital. 'choi'

Its been a long time I didnt met up with my friends. I feel like sitting down and have a long long chat with them. But time doesnt allow me to do so. haha! Well, maybe next time. We better finish up our uni application first. SOmetimes, I do also lazy to chat with people and wouldnt want to meet with people.

ANyway, Decide well everyone. Your future partly lies on you. haha!