funny call

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Date 14 March 09

Today is White Valentines Day. And also, my dar bday. haha!! Happy bday dar! haha!!

Ytd, I received a call from someone. The conversation Goes like that:

SOmeone: Hi, its me. SO, hows your result?
Me: Ok la. (then, i told her my result)

Her next question put me in a shocking situation.

Someone: So, when are you getting married?

I paused a while and start to process in my brain. I thought I heard wrongly.

Me: SOrry. What did you just said?
SOmeone: When are you getting married?

So, I confirmed her question and I laughed. haha! WHat makes her think so?

Me: where got? Who told you that?
Someone: There's rumours saying so.

At that moment, I really feel curious. WHo is the fellow that spread this? I am just too young to get married. Haha! Anyway, I dont blame her. JUst have to blame the person that spread this. Anyway, thanks for asking. At least , I know what is really happening.