Imaginary Friend

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Date 4 April 09

Imaginary friends, also known as "imaginary companions", are pretend characters often created by children. Imaginary friends often function as tutelaries (or perform a tutelary function) when they are engaged by the child in play activity[citation needed]. Imaginary friends may exist for the child into adolescence and sometimes adulthood. Imaginary friends often have elaborate personalities and behaviors. Although they may seem very real to their creators, studies have shown that children understand that their imaginary friends are not real.


Do you believe that imaginary friend exist? Maybe during childhood, we do have imaginary friends. I asked my mom about my childhood. She said I love to talk to myself, play myself and laugh myself most of the time. HAHa.. maybe you think i am a bit insane. But, its normal for a kid to be like that. I think I do have a imaginary friend. HAHA!

I love to name my teddy. And make them my friends. I do also cry with them. I can even look at my parents picture and talk nonsense. Well thats what kids do.

Ask your parents about you when you were young.

WHat about now? When we have problems that hardly can speak out, who do we turn to? Keep it inside or spit it out. Talking to the right person may actually helps. But he or she can only be your listener. He or she just couldnt decide for you.

The feeling of disappointment, sad, depressed and etc came naturally from your heart when you faced something. If thats the fact, you will have to learn to accept. In my opinion, once you accept it, you will not have those negative feelings anymore.

Decision is still your hands.