How are you all doing?

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Date 27 March 09

I received a HAPPY news from my dar today.. Shes already an aunty d. haha! OLD LO. jkjk.. anyway, its a good news.

I think i nearly lost contact with some of my OLD OLD friends. haha! NOt to say you all are OLD (well actually we are), you all are the friends that I knew you all for long. SO i grouped you all as.. OLD OLD friends. one of them like jaslyn who are still in penang.. but never get A MESSAGE FROM HER AT ALL. i also didnt send message to her. HAHa..

PY.. seems like i didnt meet you all ever since dat day in school. And many many more friends. haha!! I still got chat with a few of my friends online like kj, ep, eli, sometimes sha if i met her, erdi, sit kueen (haha), dar, mel. Internet keeps us close. Thanks to the person who created this.. They are really great. Haha! I think its been a long time i never chat to shalyn also. SOB SOB.. WOnder how is she doing there. Still caught up by the worms??? haha!

ANd one more.. WHERES HOOI PENG??? ITS BEEN AGES I DIDNT MEET HER EVER SINCE FEB. MEMANG BUSY. haha!! I knew everyone is busy with their work. But hopefully some of you are free next month la. haha!!!

EP DEN KJ... lets go to little cottage for lunch. haha! I missed the times we had last year.. haha! and this time PY muz go also. NOt to forget, AF also... I remember I said to her before that we should go lunch together in little cottage. haha!!