Still Undecided?

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Date 13 March 09

I think some of us are still blur case and dont know what to do. Here is how I make my decision. Maybe you all can take it as reference only. MIght not be very good as i am not the PRo. haha!

1) Check out the courses in this website . The CGPA is only for reference. Then, you choose those courses that you like and at the same time, it suits your CGPA.

2) Go to to check the minimum requirements. For those science stream that wanted to take arts subject, you can also check here. And for those bio students that want to take physics course, you also check this website.

3) Eliminate those that you think you cant really get in. Then, find your school counsellor for more advice in arranging the choices. Make sure you choose the course because that you are interested. I think that is very important. Check out about the content of the courses and seek for more advices. BUT DECISION IS STILL IN YOUR HANDS. DONT BE EASILY AFFECTED BY OTHERS.

For those that got quite low cgpa, I think you all should try to apply for UNi too since you all bought the code already. But then, choose the ones that are suitable for you CGPA. ALso, make sure that you think of other routes like going to MAktab perguruan, private university or even being a nurse for those that interested. I believe everyone will find a place that suits yourself. So, you need to walk out your own route.

Dont freak out. Do more research. Ask for more informations. Everyone will definately have a chance to pursue their studies. It only depends whether you want it or not. So, GOOD LUCK everyone.