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Date 10 March 09

First, I would like to congrats miss PY, CEP, KJ, DEN and mr.BK.. and the rest of my friends from my school that score EXCELLENt RESULTS. Haha! I am happy for you all.

Overall, the year 2008 result has drop 15% compared to year 2007. That is what I heard from my dad that he heard it from the news. haha!!

About me: Bye BYe MEDICINE and BYE BYE PHARMACY. I was quite upset though. But, I cant do anything now. THe most important thing is I get to enter uni. I can only blame myself for being not hardworking enough. It maybe the message from God that I shouldnt be so playful anymore. I will promise myself that I am going to work harder when I am in Uni. NO more JOKES. NO more entertainment. I should be thankful that i get better result than my Trial. Anyway, thanks teachers and friends for guiding me all the way. The support from you all makes me tougher and dares to accept challenges. Thanks to all that concern about me. I appreciate that a lot.

For my friends that may in the same situation like me: Wake up people. Yes, its saddening. But, Thats not the time to feel sad anymore. More things for us to do now. think wisely About de courses you want. I wish you all good luck In choosing courses. When there is a will, there is A WAY. SO DONT GIVE UP. MY SINCERE GOOD LUCK.