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Date 16 APril 09

haha! dont know what to post up today. I just need to pray that my work quickly finish. SOB SOB SOB

Suddenly realise its already middle of april. Times passes so fast. Without my knowledge, I am soon stepping into another stage of life.

Wondering lots of things, whether I still can keep in touch with my friends next time. Its always a hard thing to maintain friendship. Getting to know how serious it can be when you dont have a topic to chat with your friends. I faced this matter to most of my friends when i am chatting.

Is it my matter or its because we seldom meet? WE can only make fun of things. Will we maintain our friendship till we are 40 yrs old or even older? Will we still meet up? All of you will have your own friends. And you all will meet new friends. Slowly eliminating those friends that you seldom meet. Thats sad.

I think maintaining a friendship is a two way effort. Even with one way, its really hard. I will just try my best to maintain it.