New Village

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Date 14 April 2009

New Village, Gombak
[Picture taken from wikipedia]

New villages which also known as chinese new villages, are the settlements created during the days British ruling our country in the mid 1950s.

THis plan aimed to defeat the communists. I believed that we have read in our history books. But, we might forget about it. Haha!

All the Chinese races were resettled by British in new villages. Gates surrounded the area. Every resident will be checked before they leave the place.

Some examples of new villages are like Loke Yew, Gombak, Jinjang and SUngai Way.

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Just heard about New Village from MyFm. I am curious about what it is. SO I search for some info. I just realise that I actually read some of it last time.

Believe it or not, I stayed before in that kind of house before. RUmah papan. Haha! Its quite cooling though.

Maybe next time I should take the picture of the house that I stayed in last time.