CDC: Rocket fuel chemical found in baby formula

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Date 3 april 09

When i first viewed the YAHOO MAIN PAGE, the main news of the day catches my eyes. Great TITLE. haha. Wow, a rocket fuel chemical found in powdered baby formula. Imagine what can the baby do after drinking. FLY or SHOOT LIKE A ROCKET? Haha! Just let my imagination go WILD.

What if really babies fly after drinking it? Haha! We cant catch them in hands as they FLY in the sky. Haha! Well, I think to solve the matter, we have to drink as well. Haha! yea, crazy me.

It didnt have to do with all those. I am just too exaggerating. If they really find out and proved that it actually brings harm to the babies, I really just dont know what can the babies drink anymore. What is safe to drink and what is not?

How well we know about the food we take in? How sure we are that the food can be safely eaten? No one has the exact answer. WHat should we do?

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