A piece of nothing

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Date 9 APril 2009

JUst read some pieces of poems and my friends blog. WEll, some of it mention about the word 'LOVE' which involves boy girl relationship, boy boy or girl girl relationship. I think lots of people trapped in this word. That's my topic for today.

From my part of view( not expert ): Agree with some of my friends that said its the business of 2 person. No 3rd party should involved. If the main person seek for help from the 3rd party, the 3rd party can only be listener. Nothing much can be done. Decision is still in the main person's hands.

WHat can a 3rd party do?
Well, JUST LEND YOUR EARS or EYES (In case if through chatting). I believe that person will feel relieved if he or she knows that there's someone listening to her or him. Support can be given. Let that person feel that he or she is fine and do not lose hope on himself or herself. Life should go on. Do not stuck in a junction and left behind the track.

But please even if lend your ears, do not make that person feel that you actually ignoring them. HAHA! Body language minds a lot.

I think after that person speak for some time, he or she will be clear of what she wants and aim for something that is worthy. There's lots of sayings that I heard. DIfferent situation used different sayings. Then, which is the correct one?

NOthing is right or wrong in this case. IN your point of view, you may think is correct. But in some other people's point of view, they think its wrong. It actually depends on a person's perspective.

For example, when you had a crush in someone, you will heard some sayings from people that is 'grab the opportunity, dont miss it if not you will regret'. Ok, if you did it, and the result came out to be not you wanted. Then, another saying will appear : ' forget it, since its not yours. Leave it to the decision of GOD. Let it be.'

Here is the dilemma. IF its really yours, then why do you need to grab the opportunity? Think about it. Some even say : 'If its yours and you do not appreciate it, you will still lose it. ' . WOW, great.

I think its the same for every situation. It depends a lot on a person's view. It will still leave to you to decide what's your decision. So think well when handling situation. HAHA!!! It will be nice if you can talk to your friends about it and who knows you may find your perspective through there. HAHA!!!

So friends, GOOD LUCK in making decision in your life. I didn't know I crap so much here. HAHA! Anyway, we have lots of turning to make and always meeting junctions. So choose the right path that you think may bring you to the correct place. DOnt regret for 'THE ROAD NOT TAKEN'.