My Review on 2008

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Date 31 dec 2008

Today is the last day of 2008. LEt me summarise what i have done this year. JUST some review. haha!

Basically, I did nothing much this year. STUDY STUDY AND STUDY. Actuallly, I play more often than I study. Start to prepare for exams when exams are near lo. It was a busy year. But, honestly, I enjoy my life this year. I am happy to know so many friends and get to keep in touch with most of my friends.

Many activities I participate this year. I miss the time when me, KJ, EP and denise having lunch before tuition. At that time, we GOSSIP a lot. Our 20 mins talk in canteen has been the most informative time. HAHA!! Not to forget, my classmates that helps me and 'take care' of me all this while. haha! LOVE to study with all of you. And, the teachers that deliver their knowlegde to me. THANKS ya! To my beloved family, thanks for the support when I am stressful.

haha! Yea, I miss the Langkawi trip and the KL workshop. Wonderful time spending with the siao ka. haha! Lots of things happening this year. I also learn lots of stuff. I also find myself growing up. haha!

I have done something I never try to do before. Something that needs lots of courage. Maybe cause I am really out of my mind. Haha! Anyway, I am glad that I tried it. Since we never know when our life will ends, we should appreciate every single things happening around us. I start to understand that I will never have the force to make things happen. Most of the things are in HIS hands. I will just have to do my best.

In short, year 2008 is a nice year. haha! I really enjoy. I understand the importance of friendship. haha! so thanks again my fellow friends for giving me such a nice memories on 2008. haha!!! SEE YOU ALL NEXT YEAR!

p/s: JUn very sien d.. so i gotta write fast to entertain her in msn.. kakaa! jkjk jun. sorry la.. writing blog ma.. nid time.. thanks for your patience..