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Date 6 Dec 2008(sat)


Again, I received another sad news. My father's boss mom has passed away. I knew the aunty too. She is a soft spoken lady.

Her news allow me to think a lot. Life is really short. No one can knows what happen the next minute. Because of that, I would like to take this opportunity to inform all my friends that I am really glad to have all of you as friends. And my family members, you all are my greatest and best family members. I am really lucky to have all of you.

All of us can't predict when we are going to leave this world. So, in case i 'depart' before all of you, I would like you all to do these :
  • You all should not even shed a tear as I am going to a better place.
  • Forget about me and your life will gets better
  • Promise me that you all are going to make sure that you live in happiness.

I will try to do and say whatever I want . SO friends, this is what you should do too. I have no intention to ask you all to kill or rob. You all just have to do something that you all would like to do. Appreciate the time you have. Grab any opportunity to love your loved ones. Tell them that you loved them. Think back what you have done earlier that might hurt them. Say sorry.

Sorry my friends if i Had say anything before that hurt you or bothers you.