HOme sweet HOme

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date 29 dec 2008

Just finished travelling from KL. Quite tired though, but I insisted to write a blog before I sleep. I did nothing much in KL. Yea, I bought some of my cny trousers there. haha! luckily can find my size. GROW SO FAT D me.. gotta DIET.

The parking fees in KL gave me a shock. I went to PAvilion and the parking fees cost us rm9 for around 3 hours i guess. Once you enter the carpark, you need to pay rm6. GOSH!!! Thanks god parking fees in Penang is still not so expensive.

Most of the shops in KL are also available in Penang. So, I only walk around the mall, just to have a look. The only thing that disappoints me is that I couldn't find my favourite turkish Ice-cream in mid-valley mall anymore. I love the ice-cream a lot k. haha! YEa, I know i m quite 'tam-chiak'.

Just wondering, hows my friends been doing these days? 2009 is coming. I really miss 2008 la. Times really flies. Getting older soon next year. More things to think about and more challenges to face. Happy HOLIDAYS!!!