My Sg trip

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Date 24 Dec 08

Day 1: 16 dec - tues

Our flight will depart at 10.40am and reach there by 12.05pm. (SQ191) First time, me and my sis going somewhere without my mom. Haha. Honestly, I am afraid of getting in the wrong flight. It wouldn really happen. Just me thinkin too much.

I sat MRT and bus to get to my aunt's place which is at Bedok. Its an experience. haha! The double decker bus and a type of LONG LONG bus ( i dunoo wat shud i call dat) are really interesting. haha! After putting our luggage at home, we started our JOURNEY.

Having organic food as my lunch, I was shocked with the price of the food. wow.. EXPensive. The pumpkin soup was nice. Overall, the food in 7 sensations were delicious. ( price reasonable for those working in sg, but not us as tourists)

I also visited my uncle after the lunch. Sitting MRT for nearly 40 mins, I reached Bukit Batok. My little cousin is so CUTE k. We enjoy playing with him till around 7pm. We had dinner at Pasta Mania. GUess what. The place was fully sitted. We manage to get a place outside. We ordered 3 pasta and cost us $20.

We went to clarke quay at night. The scene was really.... WOW! Lots of people gathering in the restaurants and drink. We just walk around and bought ice-cream. The turkish ice-cream was yummmy.. haha! We sat bus and went home after that. I reached home at 11 sumthing.

Day 2 17 Dec 08
Shoppping DAY

9.30am Wake up
11.30am Start Journey
12.20pm Si Mee Square
Bugis Junction
SUntec City
n lots more....
7.20pm Vivo City
9.30pm GOing home

I tasted Marvelous Cream's ice-cream in citylink mall. It was nice. haha!! I tasted the caramel nuts cappuccino. It cost us $4.90 one. Yummy but expensive. haha. I like the design for the food court name FOOD REPUBLIC. It was like a library. Drawings of books are all on the wall. At first, i really thought it was a library. Creative rite? haha!!

The FOOD REPUBLIC in Vivo City designed in an old-fashioned way. The chinese type of stall in the traditional way. Its really nice to see all those designs.

Day 3: 18 Dec 08

Tour whole singapore

11.45 Suntec CIty
Sightseeing in Bus ( Flyer -> Botanic Gardens -> Orchard Rd)

12.30 Sentosa Island
* dolphin lagoon
* Palawan Beach
* Siloso Beach -> on beach trams
* Merlion

3.15 Heritage Tour
4.30 Clarke quay -> Cruise
6.00 Boat cruise to Sg Flyer
6.30 DInner
7.45 Sat on Flyer
8.45 Light Tours on Christmas in Orchard Rd
10.30 Back home

Day 4

11.00 Lunch
12.30 Shopping at orchard road
3.00 Went home
4.00 Airport
5.55 Depart (SQ198
8.20 Reach Penang

Its so easy to find a library in sg. Even in the malls, they have a library. Wonderful rite? haha!! We can borrow books easily.
Thats all for my trip. Lazy to write. hahaa

Funny things happening in sg is when me and my aunt snatch to pay money for the food and things. A few times I won. hahaha!! but most of the time i lose. HAIZ.

P/S: Sorry my frens. I didn really buy any souvenirs as things are expensive in sg and also my aunt always wanted to pay for me whenever i buy things. So i paiseh, dun dare to buy.