Small Gathering

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Date: 9 Dec 2008


I am so happy today that i met quite a lot of my friends. We went to Penang Bowl to play bowling at 1pm. Honestly, I didn't really know how to play. Since I have the chance to play, so i just give it a try. Thanks to jas for giving me the opportunity. Well, Ee Ping, Michelle, Ai Fern and Pin Yin was quite good. The rest of us are moderate nia. haha!!

We always like the 'longkang' a lot. I wonder is it our lane 'feng shui' not good. Always reach till the end it will just head to the 'longkang'. Nette has managed to get the skill to play after a few rounds of practice. hahaa!! GRATZ nette. We were the noisiest crowd there. Besides meeting up with friends, we also celebrated mich bday. HAPPY BELATED BDAY MICH!

I left the crowd a while to get my passport. I joined the crowd later at 4pm. We went to gurney and had nice drinks at A&W. We share lots of 'Experiences' and 'theories'. ( Ping and jas, u missed a lot). Sorry, i can't share what we had discussed here. haha!!! Unexpectedly, we chat for around 3 hours. WOW!!! TIME really flies. So, all of us leave at 7pm.