Penang Heritage Trail

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Date 10 Dec 2008


Today, me, sha, jun, yoke, rae and sha's 2 friends had a visit to penang heritage centre. We gather at Cathedral of the Assumption at 9am and started to walk. Our first visit is Penang State Museum. All of us paid rm1 for the entrance fee. But then, our 'queen' said that she got student card so rm0.50 only. haha!! TOO BAD. The uncle said only kids are free.. YOKEY, just admit it la. YOU ARE OLD ENOUGH. hahahahaa!!! well, we took quite some time to visit the place.

We read a lot about Penang History. The Malays, CHinese, Indian, Baba and Nyonya's history are also been displayed. Lots of things inside there. Too bad we couldn't take any picture there. haha! well we took it outside later.

Our Second visit is Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion at Lebuh Leith. The entrance fee's give us a shock that all of us wouldn't dare to enter. It cost us rm12. WOW!!!! so we just took some pictures outside and say bye bye to it.

We walked down the lane to Benggali Mosque. But we found some special place, heaven for girls. Most of the girls i mean. CHOCOLATE BOUTIQUE. I never knew there is such a place. This shop actually has all kinds of chocolate made in malaysia. These chocolates are for exports. So Malaysians, please do not buy any malaysia made products from overseas back to Malaysia.
We get to test all kinds of chocolates. Eg: Durian, Dark choco, white coffee, tropical fruits, and etc. You will never believe that there is such thing as CHILLIES CHOCOLATE. All of us give it a try. It was not spicy when u first eat it. But slowly it will get HOT. ahaa! wonderful experience for us.

We spend quite some time there. GUess what, we also meet ELLA KOON( HK superstar). We leave the place at around 12pm. Sadly, Yoke and rae had to leave d.

We continue our journey to Benggali Mosque. Its just a simple mosque. Later, we turn in to LOve Lane and visited Hainanese Temple. We ate our LOVELY sandwiches made by sha for us. THANKS A LOT SHA. Later, we walk passed King Wan Association.

After the walk, we proceed to gurney to have lunch at BREEKS. We hang out in gurney till around 5pm. A tiring and fun day!!!