Life after exam

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Date 5th Dec 2008 ( Fri)


Just created my blog. Well, let me just briefly write about my life after exam. Ok, I thought I was pretty busy after the exam. But, the truth is I rot at home everyday. After exam finishes on 3rd dec, I went to Mcd with my classmates. We discussed about what are we going to do during this half year break. Obviously, we will be working soon after this. For me, I would like to take a 2 month break first before working.

My daily routines are just playing maple, watching drama series, online and shopping. All my first few plans for outings has been cancelled. After all, I am quite lazy to go out. But, inside me kept on telling me that i should go out and enjoy myself. I am relieved that exam is over but sad at the same time because its over. My feelings now is hardly explain in words.

Haha. I misses my friends so much la. I am waiting to meet you all. But then, I won't be around the week after next. I want to go for a trip with my beloved friends too. Hope that we can plan one together. This might be the last trip that we can go together. Isn't that sad? sob sob. Everyone is leaving for uni. So grab this opportunity to go together. haha!