Its Christmas!

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Date 25 Dec 2008 (Thurs)

haha! Its christmas! For me, its just another day of my life. Doing daily routines like usual. Nothing much. Expect nothing much to happen.

Yesterday, I went out with my fellow friends. Yea, I enjoyed the whole outing. Though its a bit tiring, I have lots of fun. Especially when we have some chatting together. hahah!!! I met lay har, yin fen, chia hooi and chia yee. HAHA! Everyone gathered during christmas eve. ahaha!!

Thankks to Shalyn and Her Wuen for your christmas gift. HAHA!! sorry ya. I didnt buy any presents for you all. HAHA!! Anyway, I love the gifts. haha!! Friends, you all gave me wonderful memories on christmas eve. Arigato!!

Christmas is just another day for us to show how much we care about people we love. That is what I think la. I don't know what christmas actually mean. But, I think its a day that gathers family members and friends together and tighten the BONDS between us. Haha!

Here by, I wish all of you have a wonderful and memorable Christmas. Merry Xmas!

p/s: MISS JAS SAW.. always ask for present nia. HAHA! aiya, our friendship is the bez present k. hahaha!!! ENJOY UR xmas la.