Star Edu Fair

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date 28 Feb 09

Went to star edu fair with jun and yokey. haha! Asked the usm about our application.
ok.. i will explain roughly about application for USM

now, USM need to be applied separately from de code we get from school.

For those that want to study in USM,

1) you all are advised to go to to register an account with your Ic no and STPM no.

2) Then, write down and rmb your account no and password.

3) After you get your results, log in to the account and choose the courses you want.

4) You have 8 choices to put in. SO think wisely.. haha! Good Luck!

I went to the star edu fair and I asked hows the choosing will be done.

One of the staff said:
Those that actually register and applied for USM will be evaluated by USM and chosen by USM first.

Meaning, USM are given priority to choose their wanted students first before other UNiversity select the students if the students got apply USM.

Then, only the other university application will be considered which is the code that we get from school.

That means we actually have 16 CHoices all together.

SO think well and apply. haha!! Thats what that person said la. hehe!!!

Happy birthday to PING too!!!!