Turning point

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Life has many obstacles to get through. At the same time, we will walk till we reach a point that we need to make decision in life. That turning point may actually changes your whole life. Sometimes I may actually wonder, how many turning points are there. Am I going to make my turning till I am tired of it?

Life is just like a graph. We have ascending and descending graphs. At some moment of life, we may reach the bottom of the graph line. At that moment, we will feel how hard it is to climb up and we do get tired of what we had in life. One thing for sure is that we couldnt control whats going to happen in life. What we can do is to do the best we can in life.

Until now, I may have some regrets in life. Some things I said before may have changes my life. Some incidents that happen before may also changes my thoughts. But, I keep on telling myself that I should not regret of what I had done. What have done is DONE and is OVEr. I shouldn cried over a spill milk. I just need to make sure I just do whatever I can and have no regrets later.

We just couldn bother so much about some matters. What we need to do is to concentrate with what we are doing. DO your BEST and you will be THE BEST. The turning point of life may just bring you to another level of life. The higher you go, the more you experience. No fear for it. GAMBATEH!