It's different now

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Date 16 Feb 09

Congratz MGS.. haha! being shortlisted as sekolah LEstari. haha! Its all Pn looi, pn loke and her gang of teachers hard work. At last, hard work pays off. Haha! Hopefully our dearest school can get the award. haha!!!

Last sat was friendship week. Its different now. I was there. But the people around me were different. I missed the time we had during secondary school life. How much fun we had. How many crazy stuff we had done. I still remember the fun we had when me, ee ping and the rest of PRS finishing the slide show presentation. Our objective of the slide show is to make PEOPLE CRY. haha!!! This year, the PRSes are also making a great job. hahaha!

Theres much to say but I just hardly to present it here. Everything its different now. The older we are, the more things that we are facing. More challenges coming up. Hope that we are brave to face all these challenges.

Gosh! I really missed all of you la.. hahahaa!!! though we may have less topic to talk on as we doesnt meet everyday, still the friendship bond is there. Even though I seldom contact you all, be aware that I will still missed the days we had before k. ahaha!!!