Its my last day teaching

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Date 27 February 09

haha! its my last day of teaching. I appreciate all the wishes from my students. thanks a lot. I never expected that at all since I have just taught them for only around one month. Hhaa! I appreciate that a lot. haha! Thanks again students for teaching me too. Haha! You all also teaching me indirectly. LOts of things i learn from teaching. Theres sweet memories in my mind. haha! I would not forget you all. haha!!! LOVELy 1 BIRU students. haha!! crazy yet funny too and a bit noisy. haha! The other classes are also nice. Had lots of fun. I only bring the sweet memories together with me back home. haha!

All the best students in your exam. haha! I maybe a lousy teacher. haha! Hopefully you all forgive my mistakes. hahaa!!! You all are COOL students. haha!

haha! today i went in 2B to give them a quiz.. I didnt know my history lesson has change into art lesson. WOnderful drawings they have drawn on the board. haha! Maybe you all should suggest this to your art teacher. I bet she will faint after listening to the suggestion. haha!

Well.. Thanks again 1 biru.. haha! I wil slowly read all your love letters. haha! I will display it in my room. hahaa! thanks to alicia and yik wen for your teddys. Thanks to brenda teoh for you chocolates and you too Nisa. Thanks Alicia for your rose. Haha! Lastly thanks to 1 BIRU for you big teddy and the chocolate mint cake. haha1 I love the cake. Thanks for giving me such a lovely memory before i leave the school. hahaha!

Not to forget.. my helpful REAL teachers. haha! thanks to them also.. they also taught me a lot in what I should do.. haha!!! Thanks thanks thanks..
Thanks again!