Happy CNY for the hokkiens

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Date 3/2/09

I just knew that today was new year for the 'hokkiens' haha! There was a legend for it.

Long time ago, the hokkiens stay in 'xia men' as what my mom said. The war that happened there was going to kill all the Hokkiens. Fortunately, some of them hide behind the '竹' and managed to save their lives. So, the coming generation celebrates the 9th day of CNY as their new year as its the beginning of new life after the war ended.

The Hokkiens will pray to the God on this auspicious day with the 竹 that we can see now. Hehe! Thats what I heard from my mom. Haha!! Interesting! I never knew about it. I think I am quite outdated with all the cultures of Chinese. Too many rules to obey. Its nice to know but not really nice to obey everything. Haha! I think theres reason behind everything.