results coming out VERY SOON

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date 21 dec 2009

lolx.. my result is coming out sooonnnnnnnn.. i couldnt deny that i still feel nervous. I think its normal to feel so. I hope its ok, if not, kesianlah rakan saya yang banyak membantu saya. =)

lolx... happy birthday to SUe, steamer and those dec babies.. may you all enjoy ur bday! hhahaa!


JBY said...

feel nervous is normal one ,
but you dun need over mind the result ,
and actually ,
the result is yours,
it is no necessary for you responsible to those ppl that ever help u ,
just responsible to yourself,
it is ok as long as the result is acheive your target,
dun be stressed,
take it easy.....
althought i also very nervous