Life in campus

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Everyday, I am booked with notes, assignments and reports. My life in campus has never free from all these. In between time, I find some time for me to relax. Actually I relaxed more than others. I only spend quite some hours doing revision. Sometimes, reading may be a problem for me to concentrate. I am admired with those friends that they can concentrate the whole day. Is it my problem or what? I was hoping to enjoy my life in campus. Yep, I am glad to have good friends around. But still dozen of tasks has put me down in enjoying life. Well, my daily entertainment is only watch movie, jogging and sometimes have supper with friends. Yep, I do feel some stress here as my friends are all hardworking. Yep, you are right. I am always the lazy one. Sleep like a pig in the afternoon. That is why my notes will never cover finish. Studying mood come and go especially when I have something bothering my mind. How do I view my current situation? Well, I have no idea about me now. Sometimes ok, sometimes not. Maybe I am still not good at accepting the fact. The biggest problem now is with me alone. Anyway, good luck to those friends who are graduating. Few more months and you guys are fresh graduates.. CONGRATZ first. =)